Queer Guide to Berlin’s Nightclubs

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You haven’t mentioned Berghain––the ‘most famous nightclub in the world’––yet!

Berghain is wonderful, if you get in. If you manage not to spend hours getting in. Its quixotic door policy is unraveled somewhat in this separate article. Saturday is the big night, which is also ostensibly gay, but there is every kind of person here. It runs into Sunday day. The space is incredible: a former power plant with one of the world’s best sound systems, and amazing DJs. There are also dark corners for naughtiness.

What are the other big gay clubs in the city?

We already went on at some length about GMF in our Mitte section, and  Schwuz and Kit Kat in our Kreuzberg-Neukölln section.

GMF: hot young men in their 20s. Schwuz: busy, welcoming, more community-minded than ‘cool’, with a different party almost every night of the week. KitKat: irreverent poly-sexual club where you can both dance and have sex.

Also look out for evenings at About:blank (with a lovely garden in the summer), which is an industrial space that hosts the very popular monthly party Buttons, which goes on for days. It attracts the Kreuzberg/Neukölln queer scene.

Room 4 Resistance has a safe-space party for the queer community. It used to be at About:blank, but because of political differences it has moved; do check on their page to see where they are now located. Another big poly-sexual party popular with everyone (and also hard to get in) is Pornceptual in the old Berlin mint. Horse Meat Disco also brings out the crowd. As does Herrensauna at Tresor.

Note: a lot of the most interesting parties are one-offs or monthly affairs, and they are often changing. People inform themselves via Facebook (or Facebook’s algorithms alert you to these parties, or you are invited because you have already been to similar events). I would search around a little on Facebook for “queer” events in Berlin and see what you come up with. Or look for links on the pages of parties like Buttons or Room 4 Resistance. Maybe there’s something on at the Traumabar und Kino, like the Winter Ball? Or G-Day at Suicide Circus?


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