Places in Berlin

Boules in Berlin, Paul-Lincke-Ufer (VIDEO)

On the north side of the Paul-Lincke-Ufer in Kreuzberg, along the canal, locals gather to play boules. The Sunday traffic–-bicycles, walkers, tourists–-mills by. The players seem immune to the flow. They are concentrated on the next throw, the elegant swing of the arms, the knock out. Today we have out first video blog post, the game speaks for itself.

Joseph Pearson

Joseph Pearson (1975) is writer and historian based in Berlin. Born in Canada, he was educated at Cambridge University, UK, where he received his doctorate in history in 2001. Since 2008, he has written The Needle, which has become one of Berlin's most popular blogs. His portrait of the German capital, Berlin, for Reaktion Press was published in 2017. His second book, My Grandfather's Knife, was published by HarperCollins and the History Press in 2022. He is also the essayist and blogger of the Schaubühne Theatre, one of Berlin's best known state-funded institutions. His writing has appeared widely in the press, literary and academic journals, and has been translated into Italian, German, French, and Arabic. Having taught at Columbia University in New York City, he lectures in Berlin at New York University Berlin (since 2012) and the Barenboim-Said Academy.