Guide for Moving to Berlin 2023 (Post-Pandemic Edition)


Moving to Berlin? Thanks for making this the most popular moving to Berlin guide since 2009. This is the independent guide, with no ghostwritten content and no sponsored links or tips, from The Needle. It’s unashamedly long-on-detail and geared for the in-depth reader.

The guide covers the following aspects of moving here. Just click on the appropriate section:

-Introduction to the Guide

-Why Berlin?


-Looking for an Apartment

-Property Prices and Rents

-Monthly Costs


-Setting-up Checklist

-Getting Around Berlin

-Where to Learn German?

-Staying Fit

-Media, Films, and Books about Berlin

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6 thoughts on “Guide for Moving to Berlin 2023 (Post-Pandemic Edition)

  • Hi I am moving to Berlin in Febuary 2012 and this artical has helped me a great deal, I have been researching on many websites and this seems to be the one stop shop for everything I have been researching.
    Thanks again i`ts been a great help, keep up the good work.

  • Hey,

    This article is really great, just thought you might want to up the figures for health insurance and mention that women can expect to pay more – I am nearly 24, perfectly healthy, self-employed and forking out 300€ a month on the most basic private health insurance plan. Otherwise I really enjoyed reading this article, I thought the descriptions of the different neighbourhoods were really great!

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  • Thank you so much , the article has useful information will help me for living in Berlin

  • Hey, props! amazing article. So thorough and definitely helpful. i lived in Berlin in 2016 for 7 months and will be returning again next week. Already freaked out about re-entering the housing market, and this article gave me more data points to consider for the decision making process.

    Just one question. I saw both 2016 and 2018 versions of http://www.immobilienscout24‘s rent price index by Bahn stations, and it seems to contradict what you said about rental prices having plateaued in the most popular areas such as P-berg and Kreuzberg. There is a big 100~200 markup for most areas in Berlin including those two. Maybe you can clarify this point?

    Still an awesome article, and thanks so much!

    • Thanks Lisa, You are quite right that rents are now rising in the expensive neighborhoods, something that wasn’t evident when this guide was updated some nine months ago (and the Mietpreiesbremse seemed to work better). Berlin’s always changing. I’ll be updating the “2019” edition in a couple months and be sure to show this development (along with others such as the changing rules around Airbnb and short term rentals). Cheers!


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